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Hi! I'm Matthew Lawrence Christy!

UXD in gaming is my passion.


I wanted to share some of the wonderful things I've learned about and created while pursuing my MSI Graduate Degree in UXD/HCI at Drexel University.

UX Prototyping: FUSS - Wearable Technology (Physical Prototyping)
For our second assignment, we focused on a physical prototype and accompanying app for a wearable jacket that measures biometric data.
UX Research Methods: Do People Experience "Zoom Fatigue"?
Learning Quantitative/Qualitative Data, Data Collection Methodologies, Data Extraction and Coding, and Data Analysis.
UX and Designing with Data: The DoorDashers' Stories
Does a personalized message create incentive for people to tip their food delivery drivers? We use A/B research to determine the results.
UX Prototyping: Low Fidelity Storyboarding and Mid-Fidelity Wire-framing
For our first assignment we had to design an application for a contactless dining experience.
UX Prototyping: The Hartford Zoo (Functional Prototyping)
For our third and final assignment, we focused on a functional prototype of a Zoo Mobile Application that can be used to access any and all needs of a fictional Zoo.
HCI and AI: myMenu
Weekly meal plans developed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
Game Design I: Albertus's Potion Quest
The story of the development of a "Match Three" / Puzzle Quest hybrid Video Game using Game Maker Studio 2.
Game Design II: The Highlights
A few projects I developed in my Game Design II class using Unity.
3D Modeling and Animation
Working in a variety of graphic design applications to learn the basics of modeling and animation.
The journey of experimental design in digital interactivity.

I love to collaborate!

Let's work together on something amazing.